Due to the coronavirus outbreak and in accordance with instructions from General dental council we can only treat patients with severe oral symptoms of infection, bleeding or trauma . We are not allowed to use most of our instrument as they are aerosol machines and could spread corona virus . If you are over 70 years or and if you have underlaying problems and suffering from any kind of cold or flue symptoms please contact NHS24 hours service on 111”. You may need to wait longer than 24 hours and NHS 24 service will help and advise. Please do not come to dental surgery. Please call at 07710768141, dentist is available to advise you: during usual working hours, and whenever possible treating with: 1. Advice 2. Analgesia 3. Antimicrobial (Where appropriate)

We hope this urgent condition will end soon. Learn more about managing your toothache at home.

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Dental Treatments offered at Notting Hill Dental Clinic

At Notting Hill Dental Surgery, patient satisfaction is our top most priority and we focus on providing the best possible care through the most advanced state-of-art and innovative methods. We cater to modern day needs of all patients with services that encompass all the key components of dental care.

Our private treatments that are affordable include oral cancer screening that alerts you to any impending danger before it is too late. We provide preventive care fissure sealants that are effective pre-emptive measures for children who are considered to be under high risk of dental decay.

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Another key service is cosmetic treatment, which includes white fillings to repair teeth that have undergone decaying, discoloration and chipping. Another important component of this same treatment is veneers that help increase the cosmetic appearance of the front teeth. These services allow you to smile with pride.

We have solutions for bad breath and we never send a patient off without the necessary and much needed fresh breath advice.

Others services include root treatment, mouth guard, dentures, professional teeth whitening and Orthodontics treatment. We have treatment options for straightening your teeth with invisible braces as well as highly advanced implant treatment. Botox and filler appointments are also available and so are non-surgical simple anti-wrinkle injections.

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All these services are rendered to enable patients enjoy a healthy life style where they feel no hesitation in displaying their beautiful smile. With Notting Hill Dental Surgery, there is no need to go elsewhere.

Below is the list of treatments we offer:

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