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Orthodontics Treatment at Notting Hill Dental Clinic

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A great looking smile is your biggest tool to impress people and make a lasting impact on their minds. If you are looking for original smile makeover, orthodontics treatment is the key as it will help you get rid of crooked and skewed teeth that affect your smile and overall appearance by properly aligning teeth for correct bite, chew and speech.

Orthodontics treatment is meant for both children and adults and can be used to move the teeth into accurate arrangement for long term benefit. You can get the best orthodontics treatment at Notting Hill Dental Clinic and look forward to an overall enhanced appearance and even teeth for a great smile with revolutionary orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry.

What is orthodontics treatment?

Orthodontics is a special discipline of dentistry that focuses on teeth and jaw alignment to improve smiles and overall health and personality. It includes diagnosing, treating and preventing irregularities of the face and teeth with help of braces and other dental appliances. These devices help in straightening teeth, correcting an irregular bite, close unsightly gaps and bring teeth and lips into right alignment.

Orthodontics treatment also plays a key role in ensuring long term health of your teeth, gum and jaw joints by spreading the biting pressure all over your teeth. The good thing about orthodontics is that it makes use of the body’s natural ability to remodel its own tissues which does not cause any damage to the body or tissues. Application of light, constant force and orthodontic appliances gently reshape bone and move teeth into better positions.

Why orthodontics treatment?

People who suffer from crowded or crooked teeth need orthodontics treatment to set these teeth right and move them to a better position for improved appearance, better bite and dental hygiene.

You need to see an orthodontic if you have any of the following

  • Overbite – where the upper front teeth stick out over the lower teeth
  • Underbite – where the lower teeth are too far forward than the upper teeth
  • Crossbite – when the upper teeth do not come down slightly in front of lower teeth for bite
  • Open bite – when there is space between the biting surfaces of the front and/or side teeth for bite
  • Misplaced midline – when the center of upper front teeth does not line with the center of lower front teeth
  • Spacing – gaps or spaces between teeth due to decay, injury or disease
  • Crowing – too many teeth to fit in the dental ridge

When the teeth don’t meet correctly, it puts a strain on the jaw muscles and leads to jaw and joint problems or even headache due to uneven bite and chew. Crooked teeth are also tough to clean and decay sooner as the brush and floss are unable to reach the crevices and hollows and they wear and tear sooner than normally positioned teeth.

With the right orthodontic treatment, these teeth can be corrected to reduce the muscle strain and enjoy better looking teeth and even smile.

Orthodontic treatment includes:

  • Traditional metal braces – these are small metal brackets bonded to the front of the teeth with a thin wire running through them
  • Tooth colored ceramic braces – the brackets on the front side of the tooth are made of a translucent ceramic material that blends in with the natural color of the tooth
  • Clear aligners – they consist of a series of clear plastic trays that fit over the teeth exactly and each one moves the teeth bit by bit till they are in proper position
  • Invisible lingual braces – these are placed behind the teeth by the tongue and palate and offer a great cosmetic alternative to traditional braces for people who want to straighten their teeth without showing the braces

Modern braces are far less obtrusive than before and you can choose the best ones to suit your need and get the attractive looks you desire. These braces are easy to wear and deliver fast and quality results, offer high level of comfort. They require fewer dental visits during treatments which makes it easy for you to reach your target of having a beautiful set of teeth.


It is best to make an appointment with orthodontist to decide on the treatment option as each case is different and requires careful consideration based on teeth condition. Your orthodontic will help you understand which orthodontic treatment is the best one using his knowledge and expertise in facial irregularities and teeth movement.

Who can benefit from orthodontic treatment?

Orthodontic treatment is ideal for children as the dentist can take advantage of the youngsters’ natural growth process to take care of the teeth alignment problems. As the teeth and jaws are also in the developing phase, it is possible to create more room for teeth and ensure best results.

Adults too can benefit from orthodontic treatment and get a complete smile makeover with new technological developments that deliver outstanding results. It is important to note that adults will have to be carefully examined for any signs of gum disease as it has to be controlled before the treatment.

Post orthodontic care and retention

After the orthodontics treatment is complete, it is extremely important to wear a retainer as recommended by the dentist. It is essential as teeth can drift back to their original locations and you won’t want that to happen after going through extensive treatment to get a great new look.

Retainer effectively holds teeth in their new position so that the new bone and ligament re-form around them and keep you smiling beautifully forever.

At Notting Hill Dental clinic, our team of highly skilled and trained professionals ensures that you get the best orthodontic solutions for your individual needs. Using cutting-edge technology and proven methods, we work hard to give you a smile that will make you proud!

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