Due to the coronavirus outbreak and in accordance with instructions from General dental council we can only treat patients with severe oral symptoms of infection, bleeding or trauma . We are not allowed to use most of our instrument as they are aerosol machines and could spread corona virus . If you are over 70 years or and if you have underlaying problems and suffering from any kind of cold or flue symptoms please contact NHS24 hours service on 111”. You may need to wait longer than 24 hours and NHS 24 service will help and advise. Please do not come to dental surgery. Please call at 07710768141, dentist is available to advise you: during usual working hours, and whenever possible treating with: 1. Advice 2. Analgesia 3. Antimicrobial (Where appropriate)

We hope this urgent condition will end soon. Learn more about managing your toothache at home.

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At Notting hill dental clinic, we always direct all our resources to furnish the best possible services. However, in case you have any reservations regarding our services, you may lodge a complaint with our practice manager. You will be given an appointment to discuss the issue within 7 working days. We will try our best to address your concerns completely and provide you with a valid explanation. Any required action will be discussed.

If there is a failure to resolve the issue on our part, then you may contact General Dental Council on www.gdc-uk.org

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