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Tooth loss can occur to dental injury, trauma, infection and numerous other reasons. Losing a tooth not only affects the shape of your mouth but also shakes your confidence feel embarrassed showing gaps in the mouth when you smile. Dental implants are the best means to fill these gaps and replace lost or decayed teeth as the implant post replaces the natural tooth root and restores normal oral functions.

At Notting Hill Dental Clinic, we only use the most top quality dental implants made from finest medical grade titanium to help you enjoy natural looking and permanent teeth for years. Our expert dental specialists perform dental implant procedures in the most comfortable and relaxed environment and offer finest treatment for optimal oral health.

Dental implants – the best solution for long term tooth replacement

A dental implant is best described as an artificial tooth root that is surgically planted in the mouth. Made of bio-compatible titanium, an implant is a screw that is fused with the jaw bone to support a crown, bridge or dentures most effectively. An implant is the ideal cosmetic solution to missing or decayed tooth, helping you enjoy normal oral functions most conveniently.

Dental implants replace single as well as several missing teeth; they can even replace complete set of teeth if you are facing severe tooth loss and decay. The best thing about implants is that they are safe and well-established means of dental treatment that have been repeatedly tried and tested provide a long term solution to tooth loss. They provide you a chance to eat and smile just like you would with natural teeth.

When do you need dental implants?

If you have gaps in your mouth, you need a permanent solution to fill them for normal facial and teeth functions. You can go for single or multiple implants depending on the type of tooth loss. The implant is attached to the bone and acts like a root for the crown that will become your new tooth.

Anyone with missing or lost teeth can go for dental implants regardless of age or gender. It is important to know that dental implants only work if you have strong enough bone in the jaw to support the implant for a strong new tooth. If the bone is not strong enough to hold the implant, you may have to go through a procedure called bone grafting to get this treatment.

Benefits of dental implants:

  • hey do not shift or move as the implant post is fixed onto the bone which offers the same functions as natural teeth
  • They do not have to be removed or taken out for cleaning; they can be cleaned in the same way as natural teeth
  • They do not rely on the neighboring teeth for support
  • They prevent shifting of neighboring teeth which preserves the jawbone and facial structure, giving you young and pleasant overall appearance
  • They restore your speech, bite and chew
  • They are a great way to restore your confidence and self-esteem as they just look and work like normal teeth and you can smile as often as you want

Dental Implants Notting Hill

Dental implant procedure

After thorough examination and discussing treatment options in detail, the dentist at Notting hill dental clinic will place the implants in the jaw with a surgical procedure. To ensure accuracy of the procedure, CT scan and 3D dental x-rays are carried out so that the implants are placed in the exact location and deliver desired results in the long run.

After this procedure, you will have to wait a few months so that the implant gets fused into the bone. Once the implant is bonded and the bone has healed, abutments are inserted into the implants that provide support for a crown, the new tooth. The crown is custom designed to fit in your mouth perfectly and match the color of your existing teeth.

Caring for dental implants

Dental implants function like natural teeth and they can last for decades if you care for them the right way. Good oral hygiene is very important for long lasting and effective dental implants. Brush and floss regularly to avoid food particle deposits and gum diseases and your implants will continue to serve for a long time.

Visiting your dentist every six months is essential so that the dentist keeps a check on your implants, examines them meticulously and deals with any problems that arise to ensure shining teeth and bright smile.

Notting Hill Dental Clinic offers top quality dental solutions for restoring smiles in Central London. If you are missing one or more of your natural teeth and seek expert advice, call us for an appointment today to discuss the possibility of dental implants with our qualified dentist.

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